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It's all over now
Before it has begun
And we've already won



I hope that they see you in me


We all wanna be somebody


This will be changed weekly with all my current OC's ;w;

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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 30, 2015, 12:25 AM

2 weeks:

Pearl and Lapis by kammakitty
Self Portrait by kammakittyNew OC and ghostie friends by kammakitty

1 week:


o c e a n | levi | child au
[a o z o r a]
That sea went on forever, into the blue distance
    "Levi, what's on the other side of the ocean?" You asked curiously, looking up at your older brother's friend.
    "I don't know." He said, his steel eyes gazing off into the horizon. He placed his hand gently down onto your head, ruffling you [H/L], [H/C] locks. "You'll have to tell me one day."
    "How am I supposed to know?" You tugged on his jeans.
    He let out a slight chuckle, looking down into your [E/C] irises. "Trust me, you'll know."
    "Okay! If Levi says so then he must be right!" You giggled.
    The person I love most is laughing

    Levi sat on the warm, golden sand. The ocean's waves made for a calming background noise. The sun radiated heat, and a nice breeze cooled the air. It was the perfect summer day.
    "L-Levi!" You said as you
s i e s t a | spain | au rq

The warmth of my lover's breath tickles my ear,

It puts me to sleep.
Knowing that you're beside me,
It lets me rest peacefully.

A warmth surrounded your being, giving you a sense of comfort and security. A soft weight was placed upon you, waking you from your sleep. Your eyes fluttered open to the noon sun's light passing through the sheer curtains. A smell of cinnamon and coffee wafted through the air into your nostrils, making you more alert of the presence in the room beside your own. Turning over onto your left side, you looked up to see brown, curly locks gently surrounding a soft, tanned face. A giggle escaped your lips. It was Antonio.
    "You're late," you whispered as you snuggled yourself into your lover, wrapping your arms around his neck. You could hear a chuckle escape his lips as he embraced you into his arms. 
   "Disculpa, mi lucera*. The boss wanted to have lunch with everyone..." Antonio mumbled

Caribbean 13 by Sweetcake-chan
London (I could only find one pic sorry XD) by Sweetcake-chanLotus by Sweetcake-chan

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Featuring artistsHi guys,
I'm thinking of featuring some artists, I was thinking of featuring one artist directly on my page (in the widget) and three in this journal. The feature will be going on for at least a week and will then be changed to different artists. I am aiming to give everyone a feature in the upcoming months/years c: 
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I will start this on Monday and will pick the first four people, it will rotate every Monday unless stated otherwise. I pick one of the four people to put on my page, the other three will be featured in the journal.
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Featured artist

Baseball Princess by FlaminiaKennedy
By :iconflaminiakennedy:


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